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What We Do

Facebook Advertising

From setting up your first ads to complex strategies around targeting, custom audiences, lookalikes and conversion tracking. If you're new to it don't worry, we can talk you through it and get you started in Facebook ads. More

Twitter Advertising

Twitter's ad platform is developing fast, from promoted Tweets and accounts to the latest audience-building and conversion tracking features. We can help you build a following or optimise for sales and everything in between. More

Pinterest Advertising

If you have a Pinterest account you can use Promoted Pins - Pinterest allows you to build audiences from email lists and create 'actalikes' to target alongside demographics, keywords and more, all tracked by the Pinterest tag. More

Who We Work With

Some of the lovely past and present clients...

Huel digital agency


A new concept in food, all the nutrition you need available powdered and in bars. Launched in the UK in 2015 and now selling in the USA and Europe with over 50 million meals sold worldwide.

Wolffepack digital agency


The revolutionary backpack that swings to your front for easy access and security but stays strapped to your back for convenience. The four Wolffepack models are now available worldwide.

Salt-Water Sandals digital agency


The waterproof leather sandal for women and children which originated in the USA in the 1940s and incorporates the Sun-San kids brand. We look after digital marketing for the UK and Europe.

We specialise...

We're not a huge corporation.
This means...

  • No big monthly minimum fees
  • An honest opinion
  • A personal touch!

Rekrmend is run by Richard Buckton - I've been working in online since 2006, having rocked and rolled for a while in the old offline world. Rekrmend is based in Crouch End, North London.

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